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SFor new players this mht seem like the best thing ever.

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Some PCs always complained that huge monsters were impossible to hit b/c they were so quick.(2) FEATS: yes, the monsters now have cool feats; some are unique to those in the PH;(3) MAGIC RESISTANCE: this has been changed to SPELL RESISTANCE.

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I have to admit I had some reservations about going from 2E to 3E with my players but they were all dying for it so away we go!

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I suspect this review will be of more use to veteran types than novice types, as the latter have no comparison, but here goes: GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE MANUAL(1) ARMOR CLASS: a variety of factors are now used to determine AC; the dexterity of very quick creatures; the toughness of the hide; the size of the creature.

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