Iomega home media network hard drive manual

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Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Review – 500GB -

4 Connecting the Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center to Your Network... Adding Shares Managing Shares Deleting Shares Using Protocols to Share Files What Are Protocols and How Do I Use Them to Share Files?

How to Hook Up a Printer to Iomega

9 Using Your Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center in Various Time Zones Setting the Display Language for Your Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center Setting up Personal Cloud, Security, and File Sharing Sharing Files Sharing Overview Interfaces for Sharing Shares What are Shares and How Do I Organize Content with Them?

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Iomega EZ Media and Backup Center User Guide - PDF

Enabling Security and Creating an Administrator User Disabling Security Limiting Access to Your Content by Creating Users Users Users Overview Adding Users Managing Users Deleting Users s Managing s Personal Cloud: Accessing Your Device From Anywhere in the World What Is an Iomega Personal Cloud?

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1 Set up My Iomega Stor Center If It's Not Discovered... 2 Discovering the Iomega device without the Internet... AFP File Sharing for Macs iii Iomega EZ Media and Backup Center User Guide Bluetooth File Sharing FTP File Sharing TFTP Web DAV: Managing Files Using HTTP or HTTPS Windows File Sharing Sharing Your Content with the World Deleting a Slideshow Automatiy Sending Content to Multiple People at Once How to Set Up an Distribution Active Folder Sharing Content using Social Media: Overview Managing Your Content Transferring Content to and from Your Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center with Copy Jobs Copy Jobs Limitations Getting Content from a USB External Storage Device Safely removing external storage Storage Pool Management Managing Drives Adding New Drives to Your Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center Drive Management Managing Drives Backing up and Restoring Your Content Backup and Restore Overview Backup of Data through RAID Protection Backing up to and Restoring from Your Device Backing up Macs with Time Machine Copy Jobs Overview Backing up Your Device iv Table of Contents Copy Jobs Mozy Backup Restoring Folders with Mozy Backup Amazon S Restoring Files with Amazon S Backing up with Iomega Personal Cloud Restoring with Personal Cloud Securing Your Device and Contents What Is Security and Do I Need It?

Iomega home media network hard drive manual:

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