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This tells you that the black background has been selected Step 3 ) In the Layer window (the one showing your image), select This is the end result And that’s it. You mht like to check the following youtube video transparent background gimp.

Initiation GIMP and Inkscape - BITS

Occasionally I have to sn some document (old style, with a pen) and send it electroniy. Since it is uncommon to send it back as multiple image files after scanning, and multi-page image formats are uncommon as well, I’d like to send them as PDF file.

Initiation <b>GIMP</b> and Inkscape - BITS

Gimp Tutorial How to make an image background

Before I discovered this method, I used to insert the scanned images into Open Office Writer, and then create the PDF with it.

How to Make a Banner With Gimp 7 Steps with Pictures -

It does not involve GIMP, but instead requires pdftk to concatenate PDF files. Update (2010-03-01): And yet another way (definitely the most straht-forward one, if you have the pages as single image files already) was pointed out by goffrie in comment 5.

Printable user manual gimp 2.6:

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