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The holes in the front wooden arms are drilled 25mm from the edge. The arms are supposed to touch the screws when fully extended. I it the coffin body and it’s easier to make as all the lines are straht. It’s a tht fit in the piece that wasn’t drilled out, but that’s what we want. The rod should go all the way through but not poke out at the other end. The servo I use (BMS-385DMAX) comes with a cross shaped servo horn, which is perfect for this. We’re going to drill two holes to fixate the horn, but to get good precision when doing this I recommend glueing the servo horn to the plastic using CA. A more detailed picture of how the zip-ties are wrapped around the body to fasten the camera mount.

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There are also some minor changes to make the build a little easier and a little more crash resistant. The servo needs to be modified in order to be mounted properly. To get the correct hht I added a 0.8mm thick glass fiber piece to the bottom on the servo. Started soldering bullet connectors to the DT750 motors. A weak point on these motors are where the windings meet the heat shrink. The dimensions of the tube is 8mm outer diameter and 3mm inner diameter.

TURNY <i>Plush</i> 60amp <i>Speed</i> <i>Controller</i> -

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It’s slhtly further in than the template states, but the extra material stiffens the frame a bit and is helps the durability. Be careful not to over-thten the screws, but they should be tht enough so that they do not move during flht. I made this coffin body slhtly larger as the person I’m building it for needs the additional mounting surface. On two of the ESC’s, you should now remove all the cables except for the servo lead. I used a 4mm solid carbon rod to keep the weht down. Two things that is important; The servo horn should be mounted on the piece where the rod is stationary (the undrilled piece) and take great care to glue the horn in the dead center of the rod. This means that the only connection between the body and the camera plate is through the silicone tubing. These boards are no longer available with the tricopter V1.6 firmware, the price has also gone up. It comes stock with a quad firmware and has to be reflashed with the tricopter V1.6 firmware, follow this guide. I’ve had around 50 flhts on it and so far so good. Battery is held in place with a Scorpion battery strap which is awesome! The DT750 motors are capable of lifting much more than the 2213N motors. Flht time is around 12 minutes with a 3s 2200m Ah (without camera mounted).

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Ever since building the Tricopter V1 I’ve always tried to find ways to improve the construction. The little wooden piece in the front is 40mm long and helps stiffen up the frame considerably. Simply take the V1 template and draw straht lines instead of the curves and you’ll end up with the same shape. On the third one, you should also keep the battery cables. I used this nice transparent heat shrink that is nice and thick which helps protect the electronics. (The thin extra wire is for powering FPV equipment) Here is a tip for soldering multiple cables: Wrap a strand of wire tht around the exposed end. The piece that was drilled out should move nice and smooth without any slop at this stage. If you’re off, there will be unnecessary strain on the servo. The DT750 motors comes with a mounting base which is the perfect size. Update: I now recommend the KK2 board which doesn’t require to be reflashed, and it performs even better then the old KK boards. It’s a little sticky and once it’s tht it won’t move anywhere. Sorry for being so exited over a battery strap, but I’ve been looking for ever for a good battery strap and I finally found it. Here is a video of the Tricopter V2.5 in action: Recommend this one instead 3 x DT750 750k V Motors 3 x TURNY Plush 18amp Speed Controllers 1 x 3s Turny 25-35C 2200m Ah Li Po 1 x BMS-385DMAX Dital Servo (Metal Gear) 1 x GWS 10*4.7 or GWS 11*4.7 for heavy lifting 1 x Front wheel steering mounts 1 x Transparent heatshrink 1 x 4mm heatshrink 4 x Red 16AWG silicone cable 1 x Black 16AWG silicone cable 4 x Male to male servo cables 1 x M3 Hex screws.

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