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These would include some FMs on general topics, as well as a selection of more specific guides that vary from office to office.

The US Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual

The Pentagon has delayed the release of a newly revised Army Field Manual on interrogations, a day after Tuesday's Senate vote to amend a torture ban to a defense bill. John Mc Cain succeeded in adding a provision that established the Army Field Manual as the source for interrogation procedures for all branches of government. As of a few years ago, there were over 650 different manuals.

Counterinsurgency - Combined Arms Center - Army

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There are field manuals—or FMs—for just about everything a member of the Army mht need to do, from handling nuclear material to cooking dinner.

Counterinsurgency - Combined Arms Center - Army

Some cover broad topics (for instance, FM 1 "The Army," and FM 3-0 "Operations") while others focus on more specific issues—like FM 8-50, "Prevention and Medical Management of Laser Injuries." The standard field manual is written at a sixth-grade level and broken into chapters, and adorned with charts, tables, and hand-drawn illustrations.

Us military field manuals download:

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