Yanmar 10 hp diesel marine engine manual

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Find Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine Model 3JH2T [email protected] Turbo.

After drying, use "Brakleen" available at auto parts stores.

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Now scratch the surface with 100 or 80 grit, wipe with alcohol, and use bilge paint.

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I like the white paint, it is also available in grey.

Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine 3JH2 Series

The valve problem you describe can be caused by: 1] excessive idling [longer than 5 minutes] 2] wrong type, grade, or weht of lube oil 3] not bringing the engine up to operating temp before shutdown 4] operating at the incorrect engine load or speed ["babying" the engine ] 5] old fuel, or fuel with low cetane 6] restricted exhaust system Also, those cast iron Yanmar exhaust elbows are problematical. I have "fixed" several engines that refused to run by replacing just the elbow !

Yanmar 10 hp diesel marine engine manual:

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