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The med Sim 300B is a versatile patient simulator capable of simulating a broad range of physiological events. 115 V eliminator; international orders shipped with either a 115 V or 230 V eliminator.

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With preset waveform sequences, 15 programmable sequences, and several feature-based confuration options to choose from, med Sim 300B makes testing easy and convenient. International 230 V eliminators accompanied by an internationally-confured detachable power cord [available for most countries].) Electrocardiogram waveform shows atrial fibrillation; properly timed defibrillation pulse converts back to normal; late defibrillation pulse causes ventricular fibrillation; cardioversion time window is ± 100 ms from the R-wave peak Respiration artifact can be injected into any BP waveform.

MedSim 300B Patient Simulator ECG Simulator <strong>Fluke</strong>


Select the HP-3 cable for this application)QM-1 (6M) Blood pressure cable (10-pin orange) (part# 2198925) for use with the following: •Quinton (Q Cath series) •Drager/Siemens (Some of Drager/Siemens monitors use the standard 10 pin Siemen connector, but newer models require Drager's IBP Adapter 10 to 7 pin.

MedSim 300B Patient Simulator ECG Simulator Fluke

Includes manual-stepping and autostepping modes at 12 s intervals.

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