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This study was partially funded by a Breast Cancer SPORE Pilot Project Grant. PMID: 24663045, PMCID: PMC3986383, PII: JCO.20, DOI: 10.1200/JCO.20, ISSN: 1527-7755. Characterization of breast cancers with PI3K mutations in an academic practice setting using SNa Pshot profiling.

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Mayer research endeavors have been focused on 1) the identification of targetable pathways in breast cancer, 2) Erb B snaling and endocrine therapy resistance in estrogen receptor positive (ER ) breast cancers, 3) PI3K snaling and endocrine therapy resistance in ER breast cancers, 4) chemotherapy resistance in triple negative breast cancers, and 5) biomarker prediction of treatment response in human breast cancers. Thrombotic microangiopathy during docetaxel, trastuzumab, and carboplatin chemotherapy for early-stage HER2 breast cancer: a case report.

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Identification of targetable pathways in breast cancer.

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The specific aims of this grant were to identify relevant tumor antens by multidimensional liquid chromatography (LC) and tandem mass spectrometry (MS) using antibodies raised against specific peptide motifs recognized by circulating Gs in breast cancer patients sera and to determine if these tumor antens could be detected by immunohistochemistry in all different subsets of primary breast tumors. PMID: 24722917, PMCID: PMC4046906, DOI: 10.1007/s10549-014-2945-3, ISSN: 1573-7217. Johnson DB, Daman KH, Knol J, Gilbert J, Puzanov I, Means-Powell J, Balko JM, Lovly CM, Murphy BA, Goff LW, Abramson VG, Crispens MA, Mayer IA, Berlin JD, Horn L, Keedy VL, Reddy NM, Arteaga CL, Sosman JA, Pao W. PMID: 24797823, PMCID: PMC4041676, PII: theoncologist.2014-0011, DOI: 10.1634/theoncologist.2014-0011, ISSN: 1549-490X.

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