Manual of steel design and construction

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The Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction

Reduced to an annual cost on the basis of the anticipated service life, the long-term costs of a culvert operation include the following: For minor stream crossings, the use of the Desn Flood and Check Flood Standards table may preclude the need for a detailed economic analysis (see Chapter 4).

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Understanding how the culvert operates at discharges other than the desn discharge can help you define some of the longer-term operational costs.

Hydronic System Desn <b>Manual</b> - GARN

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The cost of traffic detours can be the most important if factors such as the cost of emergency vehicle response time or detour distance and cost of operation per vehicle mile are considered, especially if there is a large average daily traffic rate.

Hydronic System Desn Manual - GARN

A wide spectrum of flood flows with associated probabilities occurs at the culvert site during its service life.

Manual of steel design and construction:

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