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While there is rarely a rht or perfect time to roll out a plan as snificant and ambitious as this rating modernization effort, I firmly believe this change needs to occur, and now is the rht time to do so. You are our asymmetric advantage in an increasingly complex world -- you are our prized possession, our secret weapon.

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He assumed the role in May and is responsible for the planning and programming of all manpower, personnel, training and education resources for the U. There has been a lot of discussion since we announced the Navy's rating modernization plan on Sept. I've been following the conversation closely, and it's clear that many were surprised by this announcement. Navy's consistent advantage has come from its Sailors.

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This views expressed in this commentary are his own.

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This is just our latest effort to modernize our personnel system -- one of hundreds we've made in the past.

Manual sb200 bob copy fwd heath:

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