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Two HPCs, hexamethylenebisacetamide (HMBA) and suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA), were adsorbed on self-assembled phospholipid monolayers supported on a mercury drop and the shift in the surface dipole potential of the lipid film due to their adsorption was estimated from charge measurements.

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At their optimal concentrations for inducing MELC terminal differentiation (5 m M for HMBA and 2.6 μM for SAHA), these HPCs cause a shift of about 15–20 m V, positive toward the hydrocarbon tails, both on neutral phosphatidylcholine films and on negatively or positively charged phosphatidylserine films.

Exploring Massive Incomplete Lineage Sorting in Arctoids

Exploring Massive Incomplete Lineage Sorting in Arctoids

This strongly suggests that the nonspecific effect of HPCs of different structure in inducing cancer cells to rescue their differentiation program is related to a positive A modern promising approach to cancer therapy attempts to induce tumor cells populations to rescue normal patterns of tissue differentiation usually impaired, but often not definitely abolished, upon the neoplastic transformation .

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This approach, which offers the great advantage of avoiding the use of generally toxic antiblastic agents, is supported by clinical indications and sound experimental evidence that the differentiated phenotype can be restored in cancer cells by various inducers, ending malnant in vitro and in vivo behavior.

Polar bear distiller manual h-8:

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