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This allows you to turn the lower PCA and battery assembly away from the frame so you can slide the battery out of the battery bracket.

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When replacing the battery on your Precor elliptical it is important to make sure that the battery terminals are not allowed to make contact with the metal surface of the battery bracket. Electrical tape can be wrapped around the battery terminals to prevent them from making contact with the metal surface of the battery bracket.

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Battery replacement on the EFX C524, EFX C546, EFX C546i and EFX C556 instructs you to remove the (4) screws that fasten the battery bracket to the frame.

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Replacement Parts for Fitness Exercise Equipment at SPORTSMITH Warning Notice for Battery Installation of certain Precor Ellipticals This notice provides details about the battery replacement procedure that should be considered by anyone performing this repair.

Precor efx 576i service manual:

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