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(Though he did write Advertising for Dummies in 2001.) A company ed Rosebud Entertainment now holds the Pet Rock trademark and operates

Remembering Pet Rocks And Their Inventor 'A Tough Act to Follow'

How could such a crazy idea become such a successful business? "At the time, the Vietnam War was winding down; Watergate has just started up," Da told the Toledo Blade in 1999. "The rock will know what the paper is for." The manual also taught Pet Rock owners commands for "simple obedience" and "amusing tricks." Da became a quasi-celebrity, appearing twice on the Tonht Show starring Johnny Carson.

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Pet Rock founder Gary Da dead at 78 - Apr. 1, 2015 - CNN Money

He received endless s from inventors who were trying to mimic the success of the Pet Rock. Though Da had other products and marketing campans, none matched the success of the Pet Rock, for which he will be most remembered.

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An instant success, the Pet Rock debuted in time for the holiday shopping season 1975.

1970's pet rock training manual:

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