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Turns out that sandwich — the 2016 — had not just pesto, grilled mozzarella, fresh goat cheese, spinach, seaweed, and avocado, but also ~three~ pieces of bread, making it the first non-meat double decker I've ever seen. Your slow cooker isn't just a meat machine, however.

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It's a perfect vessel for cooking up vegetarian soups, chili or mac and cheese.

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Less often mentioned, perhaps, are public lht buses, which account for 1.5 million rides a day and 14.8 per cent of total public transport volume....

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You can make everything from mashed potatoes to dulce de leche in your slow cooker, so why don't you? Several double-decker buses and two community centres in nehbouring Kwun Tong and Lam Tin were on standby to provide transport and shelter for affected residents near the burning building.

Black and decker bread maker manual b6000c:

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