Stryker serfas generator op manual

2009 audi a5 service manual

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Improved Desn Increased edges on the active electrode increase the power concentration points leading to quicker plasma generation.

Accessories and Disposables - SERFAS Energy Probes

The SERFAS energy platform encompasses a variety of procedural specific probes in standard and hip lengths.

Accessories and Disposables - <em>SERFAS</em> Energy Probes

Stryker SERFAS Energy RF Ablation System

SERFAS Energy Probes are available in suction, ablation, cutting and small joint styles.

PEMED - Electrosurgery units ESU for surgery

Suction Performance The Symmetric Face Desn generates more uniform plasma and maximises suction area allowing for a larger flow rate.

Stryker serfas generator op manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 87 Rates