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When the two wires (of the same material), that connect the thermocouple to the unit contact eachother (short circuit), the unit displays LLL indicating that it cannot differentiate between the two wires... Email Tayler from their website and ask them where you can get replacements and they will give you the address to send 5$ each for new ones, not bad and that includes shipping, just send a check and the model numbers of your thermos Orinally Posted by THE SMART ONE Dont listen to these clowns, go to the MFG website, type in your model & download the manual; here's link for the 9842: "clowns" as you refer to them are only trying to help and have given advice based on their experiences.

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I haven't had these things out in a while and I am doing some test run turkeys.

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The meat side had "HHH" then "LLL" before giving me a reading, which I know isn't rht.

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Now I had a probe thermo it was reading LLL and HHHH I have a new probe thermo meter now. A thermocouple is two dissimilar metals joined together that create a difference of potential (voltage) when subjected to different temps.

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