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These schemes are much more expensive and complex than point water sources, but can deliver a hh level of service - either through public stand pipes or domestic household connections.

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Spring-fed Gravity Flow Scheme Capturing spring water and transporting it, usually by gravity in pipes, to water users, is a very common form of rural water supply around the world - particularly in hilly and mountaineous regions and islands.

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The technology is relatively simple and by using the energy of gravity, there is generally no need for pumps or other forms of energy input.

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What we are really missing is a champion - a person or organisation that is really passionate about this form of rural water supply and is would like to develop a strong community of practice to share experiences and ideas. On this website, you will find some great manuals and resources that can help you desn, build and maintain a gravity scheme Pump-fed piped supplies For larger villages and small towns, a mechanised pump is a common option, usually taking from a borehole, a lake or a river.

Gravity water flow scheme design manual:

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