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Then we moved again, and we needed to block off an odd shaped passageway from our 16 month old. They seemed to not give concern to the problem as a real safety issue, and they informed me that as the warranty only covered a year, they cannot help me.

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In this new location, the door of the gate was getting moderate daily use. I wasn't looking for a free replacement gate, but I would have thought that a company of their reputation would care about the problem.

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After two months, one of the vertical bars on the gate broke off from the top horizontal bar. I realize that the gate is a number of years old, but in terms of actual usage, it is quite new. A number of years ago I had a safety concern with a product from a major children's manufacturer.

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For a little shy of a year this gate was used to block off our fireplace and we never had a need to open and close the door of the gate.

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