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i recently replaced my stock am/fm delco radio with another delco radio but with cd player and am/fm. i read through the posts but can not come across a procedure for my radio. Being that we couldn't afford it rht now, I began thinking that I would search online, since I'm sure that I wasn't the only one with this problem. Press & hold the 2 & 3 buttons @ the same time for about 10 seconds; a 2 or 3 dit code will appear, write this # down,press & hold the am/fm button for about 10 seconds: another code will appear, write this # down, then 1-800-537-5140 and enter 202108 followed by the # key, then enter the #'s that you wrote down from your radio followed by the * key.

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We had contacted the dealer and they told us it would cost $50 to get it working again. I can't believe dealerships want to rip people off like that, when they could give you these simple instructions. I'm so happy to have my radio working Try this, it worked for my 1998 Sunfire and a 1975 Monte Carlo.

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I don't know what your radio looks like, but the way it worked for me.

Opel CDR500, CDR2005 car radio decoding

After changing my battery I got in the car and turned my radio like many of you you guys saw the word "LOC" not w/ my car it displays Code w/ four what looks like slots to enter numbers in as your code. I ed my local dealership and a couple others and they want to charge me anywhere from 40 to 80 dollars for them to retrieve my code. i bought a radio off ebay for a 2006 chevy silvarado, of course the radio is locked, it is spelled out l o c k e d.....i read many of the posts, tried holding 2 and 3 ect, nothing, apparently the radio's are different from 2003 - 2006.....i cant get the radio to do anything im would be greatly appreciated....

Car radio vdo cdr 500 manual:

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