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Players have the freedom to choose their racing number, edit a number of templates to create their own personalised helmet desn and select whichever team they want to race for from the start of their career, as well as which team mate they want to compete alongside.

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Despite a number of solid console Formula 1 releases since then, from the EA games of the early 2000s to Studio Liverpool’s Play Station-exclusive series and now Codemasters’s modern franchise, there has not been a game since that has quite reached the same level of immersion and encapsulated the spirit that Formula 1 ‘97 provided all those years ago. Despite leaping into the current generation of hardware with F1 2015 which boasted arguably the best on-track action the series has ever seen, the lack of key features and modes made last year’s title feel a lot like a prototype.

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Like so many real F1 teams, Codemasters’ development focus had firmly been on next year.

F1 2016 for PlayStation 4 Reviews - Metacritic

With F1 2016 releasing today, however, it’s apparent that the Birmingham-based developers have spent the last two years wisely, producing what is clearly their best game since taking on the official Formula 1 license in 2009.

Ea formula 1 2006 instruction manual:

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