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Almost 20 years ago a talented team of developers at Psygnosis released an officially licensed Formula 1 game for the Play Station that proved to be arguably the defining console F1 game of the era – Formula 1 ‘97.

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It was not the most realistic, the best-looking or the most feature-laden F1 game of the time, but with a hy satisfying analogue handling model, great accessibility, a plethora of customisation options to make the experience as casual or challenging as players desired and true TV-style presentation, F1 ‘97 offered an authentic racing experience that was truly unrivalled.

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Despite a number of solid console Formula 1 releases since then, from the EA games of the early 2000s to Studio Liverpool’s Play Station-exclusive series and now Codemasters’s modern franchise, there has not been a game since that has quite reached the same level of immersion and encapsulated the spirit that Formula 1 ‘97 provided all those years ago. Despite leaping into the current generation of hardware with F1 2015 which boasted arguably the best on-track action the series has ever seen, the lack of key features and modes made last year’s title feel a lot like a prototype.

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Like so many real F1 teams, Codemasters’ development focus had firmly been on next year.

Ea formula 1 2006 instruction manual:

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