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I learned what the camshaft was, what the catalytic converter does, and most importantly, that it's always better (and cheaper) to find the source of a problem, buy the parts yourself, and learn how to fix it. Aside from quality control and learning an incredibly useful s set, you know you won't be bleeding money to an untrustworthy mechanic.

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On some level (until I grew up), I believed that all garages and dads were like mine, meaning we had a garage with two of every tool imaginable and a dad that knew exactly how to use each one.

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As I grew, got my own cars, and was forced to deal with car issues of my own, I became his assistant in the garage.

My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix.

Before we begin, let's get something straht: When you're working on your car, it's important that you have the proper tools, the proper instruction, and the proper safety gear. 1: Don't work on a car when rht after you turned it off or when it's running.

Fix it yourself car manual:

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