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There is a slht vibration to it, but when I sent it out to my local distributors repair center, they said it felt fine. My old boss says it has to be something simple, because Hummells don't chatter..the repair shop said it was running still left patterns. I'm also borrowing a brand new Hummell to sand my next one to see if mines running rough...could be a motor bearing.

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ANY suggestions from people familiar with the Hummel would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, any replacement parts should always be Lagler parts. They can make service recommendations plus supply you with manuals and parts, if needed.

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Lagler Hummel Owners Manual - torhellmo.files.

I have tried after market parts from other sources. Palo Duro Companies12655 east 42nd Avenue Suite 60Denver, Colorado 80239Fon: 800.8HUMMEL (800.848.6635) are many unique factors to operating a Hummel:1) Rough/course cuts are ideally done at 7 to 15 degree angle to the direction of the floor.2) The sander should be run left to rht.3) The belt should track dead center4) Drum pressure is 69 PSI.

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This needs to be verified and checked.5) Drum head should not be dressed6) machine should run smooth and vibration free Common errors:1) walking too fast or too slow2) using a coarser grit than necessary3) sanding rht to left4) uneven belt tracking5) out of round wheels6) poor quality drive belts7) drum head pressure incorrect8.

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