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Sometimes they may recover if left on charge for a few days, but not always.

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If Ni MH batteries are to be stored for an extended period they should be stored fully charged and recharged once a month to overcome self discharge.

MR350R - Buy Two Way <b>Radios</b>

MR350R - Buy Two Way Radios

If the Radio is being used inside of a vehicle the metal bodywork of the vehicle will shield a lot of the transmission to and from the radio.

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To improve transmission and reception it is best to operate the radio outside and away from vehicles. Firstly check, your volume control, then if you still cannot hear the transmission, check to see if you have a CTCSS or DCS code set on that channel, if you do you will only be able to hear transmissions from other radios that have that same code set.

Motorola two-way radio handheld user manual:

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