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Of galvanized wire rope with latch hook mounted on carrying reel, D – Telescopic handle for manual operation of hoist, E – Appropriate snatch block pulley, F – Wire rope sling 6 ft. Carrying Case Dimensions: 29" x 11.5" x 15.5" Tirfor® The Griphoist® is a portable manual hoist with traversing wire rope.

Hanes Supply, Griphoist-Tirfor TU Series

They can lift, pull and place loads across great distances without exceeding their maximum working load limit.

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Tirfor, T508, T515, T532, TU8, TU16, TU32 Winches, Repair, Tirfor.

Manufacturer: Tractel Model: Griphoist / Tirfor Rescue TU-28K, Weht: 123 Lbs. TU-28 Capacity: 2-Ton (4,000 Lbs.), Rope Travel / Stroke Lifting: 2.2", Wire Rope Length: 60' of Maxiflex 7/16", Min.


Each rescue kit includes: A – Steel Box, B – Griphoist / Tirfor TU-28, C – 60 Ft. Wire Rope Breaking Strength: 20,000 Lbs., Weht W/O Wire Rope: 48 Lbs., Griphoist Dimensions: 26" x 13" x 5-3/4".

Tirfor tu 16 manual:

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